Make Money While Saving People Money!

Does anyone in your family and friends circle have Direct TV, Dish Network, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, Alltel, T-Mobile, High Speed Internet, Home Phone, or a Security Alarm System? If they do then 5linx is for you.

This multi-level marketing experience is on the ground floor and is about to break through like gang busters. 5linx is an Inc. 500 company and will not go public until it has 400 reps at the SVP position. In this opportunity there are only 5 earned positions ET, ED, ND, SVP, PSVP. We are not asking you to bring in 10,15,or 20 busines partners, JUST 6. At this point there are only 6 PSVP’s and 54 SVP’s, so you can see this is still a ground floor opportunity.

At the ED level in this business the least amount of money you will make is $62,000 per year at ND the least amount you will make is $120,000 per year. All you have to do is bring in 6 business partners and acquire 25 customer points. Your customer points are received buy getting customers to purchase services form your website each service you sell is a customer point. Once you have accomplished this you are eligible to make it all the way to PSVP.

You will earn residuals off of every customer that purchases a service form you. You will also earn residuals off of services that your 6 business partners acquire. There are 21 ways to make money in this business, and you will see that money come to you every Friday.

One of the product we offer in this business is a video phone that allows you to see the person your talking to. Now this isn’t for everyone but we all no someone who lives far away that we don’t see often. Cant see Grandma? Lets get her a video phone so she can see the grand kids. Have a child over seas or in college? Lets get them a video phone so we can have a better connection while talking.

Cutting edge technology. Recession proof products. people will always watch TV, talk on the phone, and need security. So be a part of the Next Wealth Trend!

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